Stock Dashboard

In this project, I aimed to make a boring stock dashboard more interesting. The dashboard needed to show the user's stocks, their price changes, and the total portfolio value. Users should also be able to easily add new stocks and view detailed pages with news summaries provided by ChatGPT for those short on time.







Chakra UI

Stock Dashboard


My Login Page
My Dashboard Page
My Detailed Page with News Summary
My Page for Adding Stocks

Before I could start the project, I needed to find sources for live data. For stock prices, I found a Free Plan on Rapid API. However, I also wanted to fetch the news for each stock, which I enabled through the Nasdaq RSS Feed. Finally, I wanted to summarize the news with ChatGPT. After collecting the data, I developed the website.

To accomplish this, I used Next.js with the Chakra design system. In the backend, I securely stored user data (stocks, etc.) on Supabase, ensuring that only the respective user could access their personal dashboard. For the various charts needed for stocks, I used Chart.js.

As you can see in the pictures, the finished dashboard consists of three views. The main dashboard displays live data for the user's stocks. Additionally, there is a view where stocks can be added/saved (I check if these stocks actually exist). Finally, for each stock that the user saves, there is a detailed view with the price history and news about the stock, with a section where CHAT GPT summarizes the news.

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React Native






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